Ensar Brode was established in year 1992 in Yildirim, Bursa. The fast advancements in Textile during years have lead us to make improvements in our machinery according to recent technological advancements. With our past knowledge over the years we grow and improve our product and service quality.

We offer diversity in production with single and double storey schiffli embroidery machines combined with different production techniques. Our production priority is mostly in custom embroidered curtains according to the needs of our customers. The production portfolio gets a range of variety with different yarn and fabric combinations.

Our company has the resources in order to produce recent miscellaneous Embroidery and Home Textile products with necessary technological improvements. For custom production inquiries and detailed information you can review our sample products, and if you require further support you are welcome to contact us for more information.

Qualitative production and customer satisfaction is our priority together with constant improvements in innovative and technological resources.
Saurer brand 20 yards single and double storey machines with cord and sequin production capabilities.
Recently our primary production is mainly custom embroidered curtains, but we have experience in all kinds of embroidery products such as, Guipure, Lace, Licra, Bed sheets or similar embroidered products.
Our company is self improving and renewing in order to provide our customers with better quality and trusted products.
Hamza Parlak, Ensar Brode